Nutritional Consulting

Why would you want to see a Nutritional Consultant?  Here are just a few reasons.

1.  You'd like to lose weight.

In 2011, over 60% of Americans are overweight and 30% are obese, and these numbers are rising.  One of the problems with traditional diet plans is that while they may have some good components, they are not individualized to each person.   Eating is not a one-sized-fits-all proposition.  That's why one person may do very well following, say, Weight Watchers; while another might find it makes them feel sluggish or hungry.  People spend a lot of effort and money trying diet after diet (or even the same one over and over) only to find that they just can't lose the weight, or that they just can't stick to the diet, or that they just don't like the way it makes them feel.

Some people do best when they mostly avoid grains, even whole-grain varieties.  Others have sensitivities towards dairy.  Some people react strongly to caffeine; others do well with it in moderate amounts.   Some people feel best when they're eating a strictly plant-based diet; others do better when they include some grass-fed meats.   Some people have a tendency towards Candida (basically an overgrowth of yeast in the body) and require a specific diet.  Others will have no luck losing weight until they go through an extensive cleanse and detox, and first rid their bodies of accumulated toxins.

Everyone is different.  

A Nutritional Consultant can help you lose weight by asking you questions and getting a detailed history to help you find the right path for you.   She can help you understand what the foods you are eating are doing to your body, where you can make changes, and WHY those changes can help you.  She can help you with diet, exercise, and lifestyle choices that take you and your life into account, that will not only help you lose weight, but help you to feel better.... in mind, body, and soul.  

2. You feel tired, run down, or mentally" foggy"

A nutritional consultant can work with you on what you're eating (and/or not eating) and how it might be affecting you, as well as look at what kind of changes you may want to make regarding lifestyle, supplements, and natural remedies.   Rather than resorting to self-medicating with things such as pills, caffeine, and sugary energy drinks (which are short-term remedies at best, that only suppress symptoms), a Nutritional Consultant will help you figure out why you're feeling the way you're feeling, and suggest strategies to help reclaim your body's own natural balance.

"Let food be your medicine, and medicine be your food."  ~Hippocrates

3.  You want to learn more about food and nutrition

Even if you're at a healthy weight, even if you "look" healthy, you may still need/want to improve your diet.  You might have questions about what the word organic really means, and why you should or should not be concerned about it.  You may be confused about all the different non-dairy milk alternatives, and whether or not you should be drinking them.  Or what kind of water you should be drinking.  Or how you should be sweetening your coffee (or whether you should be drinking coffee at all).  You might wonder about words like "raw" and "GMO" and "natural."  You might like to know why it's best to eat fruit by itself, and why you should avoid the old school, meat-and-potatoes diet.  Maybe you're not sure if you should be drinking those Crystal Lights, or eating those 100 Calorie Snack Packs, or taking those over the counter multi-vitamins.

A Nutritional Consultant can help you sort it all out, break it all down, and make sense of the facts, the opinions, and the hype. 

How can I help?

I offer personalized nutrition consultations, pantry makeovers, and grocery shopping coaching.  Email me for more information.

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